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6 min readAug 1, 2023

This Blog is a continuation of our previous blog — https://medium.com/@intverse/kong-konnect-the-api-management-platform-for-the-cloud-native-era-869e0f44f99e

Topics that we cover in this blog:-

  1. Kong Konnect and its modules
  2. How to set up Kong Konnect Portal
  3. How to create a new Runtime Instance using Kong Konnect Portal
  4. How to configure our Gateway Services and routes through Kong Gateway Runtime and access the services that we configured
  5. How to create and manage API products to productize your services and publish them to DEV Portal

What is Kong Konnect?
Kong Konnect is a multi-cloud API life cycle management platform delivered as a service.

API Gateway (Self Managed) + Control Plane (SaaS Managed) = Kong Konnect

  • Saas Managed Control Plane accelerates deployments and reduces the operational cost.
  • Self Managed Runtimes provide flexibility for any hybrid or multi-cloud deployment pattern.

Modules of Kong Konnect

  1. Service Hub

Catalog all your services through the Service Hub to create a single source of truth for your organization’s service inventory.

2. Runtime Manager

Runtime Manager empowers your teams to securely collaborate and manage their own runtimes and services without the risk of impacting other groups and projects.

3. API Products

Use API Products to bundle and manage multiple services via API products.

4. Dev Portal

Streamline developer onboarding with the Dev Portal, which offers a self-service developer experience to discover, register, and consume published API products from your API Products catalog

5. Analytics

Use Analytics to gain deep insights into service, route, application usage, and health monitoring data.

6. Teams

To help secure and govern your environment, Konnect provides the ability to manage authorization with teams.

It’s time to dirt our hands by playing Kong Konnect through the portal

1. Setup Kong Konnect Account

2. From your Konnect welcome email, click the link to verify your account.

3. Access Kong Konnect through https://cloud.konghq.com/login

4. Once you login will see the Kong Konnect Portal as below

It’s time to set up a new runtime instance on my local Mac by following below steps:-

1. Select Runtime Manager from left navigation menu

2. Select default Runtime group

3. Select New Runtime Instance

4. Select the platform where we wants to create Runtime instance and click on Generate script something like below

/bin/bash <(curl -fsSL 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Kong/konnect-runtimes/quick-start-3/konnect-runtime-setup.sh') \
-key 'XXXX' \
-crt 'XXXX' \
-cp 'XXXX' \
-te 'XXXX' \
-r 'kong' \
-ri 'kong-gateway:3.0'

5. Terminal View

6. This script creates a Docker container running a simple Kong Gateway instance and connects it to your Konnect Cloud account as below

7. From Runtime Instance page we can see all configured instances as below

Note: The default proxy URL for this runtime is http://localhost:8000. Take note of this URL, as you’ll need it later to access a service implementation.

It’s time to set up or implement our First Gateway Service and routing traffic proxied through a Kong Gateway runtime by following the below steps:-

1. Select Gateway Services on Left Navigation Panel

2. Fill up basic details
=> Gateway Service Name : example_gateway_service
=> Add using Upstream Url : http://mockbin.org
Rest all leave to default values and save it

3. Add a route to your service implementation by clicking the Add a Route button now visible from the Gateway service dashboard and save it.

Name: mockbin
Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS
Path(s): /mock

4. Time to test our Gateway Service and the routes configure through Kong Gateway Runtime
To test use below url :- http://localhost:8000/mock

That’s all
1. We were able to successfully configure our services and routes through our Kong Gateway Runtime.
2. Able to test routing traffic proxied through a Kong Gateway runtime.

It’s time to create and manage API products to productize your services and publish them to DEV Portal by following the below steps:-

1. Select API Product on Left Navigation Panel to create API Product

2. Fill up basic details
=> Product Name : example_product
=> Description : It’s a sample API Product to test
Rest all leave to default values and save it

3. Create an API Product Version

4. Link a Gateway service to your product version to enable features like App registration

5. Select the Gateway Service and Runtime Group

6. Final step to publish your new API product to DEV Portal by selecting publish from the Actions menu on the right and now you can view the new API product in the developer Portal.

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